Training Event 2 – November 2018, Finland

This is a 5 day training course delivered by Sataedu and supported by Learning Plus UK Data Ltd with an input from a small number of skilled teachers in the UK.

The aim of the course is to give professionals working in schools including teachers and other staff such as careers counsellors the skills and knowledge to support students to make the right decisions on their course choice, to avoid early school leaving or indeed under achievement. The course will also acknowledge the need to and provide tools for the identification of students who may not present themselves as needing help or who are in danger of falling through the net.

Participants will visit at least 2 departments where the European Grade Predictor Tool is used meeting staff and students.

All training will be interactive and afford those attending the opportunity to experience what works well in other countries and gain the background knowledge and experience as to how this happens.

It is expected that staff will replicate these techniques in their own educational settings and an action plan will be developed by individuals at the end of the training to support this action.  Delegates will receive a Certificate to certify their involvement in the learning, teaching and training activities to indicate the topics that have been covered

The training event will take place over a 5 day period in November 2018, exact dates to be confirmed…