Training Event 1 – March 2018, UK

LPUK welcomed delegates from partner organisations between Sunday 11th March and Friday 16th March 2018.  The team, comprising of; 4 delegates from GRETB, Ireland; 3 delegates from XABEC, Spain; 5 delegates from Sataedu, Finland and 6 delegates from Zlínský kraj, Czech Republic, spent the week with LPUK undertaking training activities to inspire, upskill and provide the skills to trial the European Grade Predictor Tool in their country.

Following a welcome reception on Sunday 11th March, delegates spent 2 days at Altwood School in Maidenhead, 1 day at the LPUK Annual Summit in London, 1 day at Westminster Kingsway College in London and the final day back at Altwood School in Maidenhead.

Each delegate then provided an action plan as to what they will implement in their own country and by when.  Delegates also received a Certificate to certify their participation and to indicate the topics covered.

Training Event 1 – March 2018, UK: C1 Programme

Training Event 1 – March 2018, UK: LPUK Annual Summit Programme 2018