Multiplier Event – Grade Prediction Using Data, The Lessons Learned across Europe Final Conference, May 2020, Ireland

** Due to the Covid-19 outbreak across Europe, this event is postponed **

The final conference will be organised by GRETB and hosted in Ireland in May 2020.  Each partner will participate in the conference.

The event will provide an overview of the SIP Project and its results and outcomes. It will include workshops on The European Grade Predictor tool from Trial to Implementation, Use of the Manual and Superb Intervention Videos, and a workshop on the Intervention resource directory.

The aim of the conference is to disseminate the outputs made during the lifespan of the project and to raise awareness of School Improvement by tackling early school leaving particularly through course choice.

This event will be publicised nationally in each participating country and across the Island of Ireland. Its focus is to attract decision makers, practitioners, employers and training providers. Within Ireland, Training Boards and organisations such as NAPD will be targeted for attendance. It is aimed to ensure as wide an attendance as possible.