Intellectual Output 05 – European Grade Predictor Tool Intervention Guide

The following Interventions can be found in the  European Grade Predictor Tool_Intervention Guide:

    • GRETB – Provision of alternate pathways for at risk students
    • Sataedu – Meetings with Students and Parents
    • XABEC – ProjectX
    • XABEC – Personal Development Plan
    • LPUK – Minimum and Challenge Targets
    • LPUK –  Choosing Appropriate Courses
    • Zlínský kraj – Fundamental Preventive Activities

The European Grade Predictor Tool Intervention Guide forms a resource directory aimed at sharing best practice in successful interventions and methodologies to realise the full potential of students and impact on dropout and achievement.

The key objective here was to produce an intervention guide which staff using the European Grade Predictor Tool can use to supplement their approaches to supporting learners. On some occasions the European Grade Predictor Tool will itself be enough on its own to help the student embark successfully on a course of action but we recognise that may not always be the case.

The directory can be used as a standalone tool but is primarily to support the European Grade Predictor Tools. It is used by teachers/other professionals in education as an overview of possibilities of academic, behavioural, social, and emotional supports for use alongside the European Grade Predictor Tool.

Each partner country contributed:

  • a list of institutions on national/regional and local level which provide training, consultancy and guidance;
  • a list of strategic documents, studies, reports and scientific articles;
  • a set of curriculum approaches which can be delivered across Europe by teachers.
  • a list of web resources.

The resource directory enables the European Grade Predictor Tool to not only be a one off tool but a powerful intervention that can become part of other powerful interventions to help students achieve. It becomes part of the wrap around service and pastoral support that institutions offer students to help them fulfil their potential.

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