Intellectual Output 04: European Grade Predictor Tool User Manual

The European Grade Predictor Tool Manual will be a detailed user manual for staff in schools on how to use the European Grade Predictor Tool. This is primarily focused at teachers but we recognise that there are a host of professionals and support staff working with learners such as counsellors, educational psychologists, careers specialists and teaching assistants.  The manual will be a supplement to the training which will be cascaded by partners.

This will be a step by step guide from beginning to end, from the initial discussion with the student to using the information to make a decision. It will include a comparison of courses including general education versus vocational.

Work on the European Grade Predictor Tool User Manual is due to commence in April 2019.  The user manual will be located here on the SIP Project Website and will be accompanied by a short PowerPoint presentation which will take the user through the manual step by step. Each partner will also make it available on their own website and will provide a simple translated version from English.