Intellectual Output 01: European Grade Predictor Tools

The aim of this output is to produce a European Grade Predictor tool which can be implemented in the 5 partner countries.

Learning Plus Data UK Ltd has created a European Grade Predictor Tool for each partner which is customised to the education system in their country, their qualifications and availability of data.

Each partner has then tested and trialled the tool in their country.  Following this trial, the tool was then refined before being implemented in schools and colleges in each country.

The Key Project Output Milestones are as follows:

Stage 1) Gathering Data in each partner country

Stage 1) Provide data to LPUK for a tool to be developed

Stage 1) Test and trial European Grade Predictor Tool

Stage 2) Trial the tool across partner institutions

Stage 3) Reporting on the trial of the tool – Training Event 2, Finland

Stage 3) Tool to be refined & upgraded tool developed

Stage 4) Implement the new European Grade Predictor Tool

Stage 5) Tool complete for roll out across Europe

Click the link below to an overview on using the European Grade Predictor Tools:

Using the European Grade Predictor Tool- Overview

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