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SIPP Logo pngThe School Improvement Partnership Project is a three year Erasmus+ Project, which took place between September 2017 and August 2020, working with 5 partner organisations across Europe.

The School Improvement Partnership Project utilises the idea of the LPUK Grade Predictor and how its concept could be used to develop European Grade Predictor Tools in other education systems to help support:

• Students choosing appropriate courses to study and so aid retention at Post-16

• Sharing practice and resources across education systems to help support student target setting and progress at Post-16

Learning Plus UK

Learning Plus UK Data Ltd (UK)

Learning Plus UK Data Ltd are a not for profit organisation providing support to the education sector to improve performance and raise standards.  The team consists of highly experienced education professionals and data analysts with track records in working with local authorities, schools, academies, colleges and sixth forms to provide intelligence, research and support.

As senior leaders in schools, colleges, academies, and local government, Learning Plus UK Data Ltd have a wealth of expertise of working in partnership to make a real impact on achievement.


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Centro de Formacion Professional Xabec ( Spain)

Fundacion Eifor is a Non Profit Organization, the legal bodywhich has promoted XABEC VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE. In this College the three Spanish subsystems of vocational training are taught: Initial Vocational Training (5 qualifications of Middle VET and 3 qualifications of Upper VET),Education for Employment (annually about 15-17 Occupational Training courses)and an average of 12 Continuing Education courses for companies. Blended learning is also provided by Xabec. Distant-Learning is also provided in Xabec.

The courses taught at the Centre are focused in the knowledge area of Industrial Maintenance and Building Installations in which the centre has a vast experience. There are nine workshops; each one specialized in an area of knowledge: electricity, electronics,automation-robotics, hydraulic-pneumatic, installations of cold and heat,welding and boiler making, plumbing and gas, electro mechanics and renewable energies.


Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board ( Republic of Ireland)

Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB) Gwas formed in July 2013 and comprises 20 different education centres in counties Galway and Roscommon. It has approximately 1500 staff. The institutions range from secondary schools to further education colleges and education support services including adult education. Within its community care portfolio it also comprises early childhood care and education programmes. Two schools involved in this project are:

· ColaisteBaile Chlair

· Coláistena Coiribe

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Sataedu ( Finland)

Sataedu offers high-quality education for young people, adults and those in working life. They train young people for more than 20 professions,enhance professional competence for adults and offer tailored training events for entrepreneurs and enterprises.

Sataedu has 2600 students. Their education, services and regional development duties lie in the hands of more than 350 competent Sataedu employees.

Sataedu, the Satakunta Educational Federation, was established when strong providers of education in the region merged at the beginning of 2010. The solid educational background provides a good basis for future operations.

Zlínský kraj

Zlínský kraj ( The Czech Republic)

Zlínský kraj (Zlín Region) was established on the 1st of January 2000. The main bodies of Zlínský kraj include the regional board of representatives, council, governor and Regional Authority. The political representation of the region consists of the local board governed by the governor and council. They set the directions the region is to follow throughout the entire election period. The decisions taken by the board and the council are implemented by the regional authority. The Regional Authority of the Zlín Region executes tasks assigned by the council or board. The Regional Authority which is divided into departments is managed by the director, who reports directly to the governor. The Regional Authority is a public body with regional scope and about 460 members of staff.